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Athens man charged with forcing another to ride with him to get drugs

By Russell Pekelnicky

Staff Writer

Jason Patrick Murray, 35, of Athens is in Bradford County Prison after he threatened another individual with a knife and forced them to ride with him to purchase drugs.

Pennsylvania State Police said on Dec. 30, they responded to a domestic disturbance report at a McKinney Hill Road residence in Litchfield.

Police made contact with the witness who placed the call, who said there was an argument between Murray and his father. The witness left the scene before it got worse.

Later, police made contact with Murray, who was the passenger, in a gray Mercedes Benz being driven by a victim.

Murray told police he had addiction problems and that he had gotten into an argument with his parents. He told police he had a knife with him during the argument and that when he and the victim left, he had the knife on his lap.

The victim told police that Murray is a heroin addict and was showing withdrawal symptoms when the argument occurred. They told police that Murray had demanded money so he could purchase heroin. When they refused and asked him to leave, Murray told them to give him the money or he would use the knife.

The victim said Murray forced him to go along with him so the witness would not call police.

Murray then went to Athens with the victim and met a girl outside on a corner to possibly purchase drugs, the victim related.

They said on the way back, Murray threw his knife out the window.

Murray is charged with terroristic threats, false imprisonment, simple assault and driving while operating a vehicle with a suspended license.

A preliminary hearing is set for Jan. 10 before District Justice Fred Wheaton of Wysox.

Murray is being held at Bradford County Prison on $50,000 bail.

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