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Sound Off, Jan. 7, 2017

Help our veterans

Veterans are being treated terribly. I have a brother-in-law that has Medicare and VA for his insurance. He got sick, he was sent to the VA hospital, they worked on him, they couldn’t help him that much so they sent him to another hospital, but we still got a bill from the VA hospital of over $1,500. Called up and asked them why. What do they say? One federal agency cannot pay another fed agency. That is ridiculous.

Cattle concerns

I’m wondering how long the cows have been on them trucks, packed in like sardines, no water, unable to lay down for five hours, maybe 10 or 12 hours. Then sitting in the yard and waiting to get unloaded, in hot weather. I’d like to see the big wigs climb up in the top deck loaded with cattle in the summer time and see how comfy it is in the 100-plus degree heat. Is this a humane society issue?

No brainer in Waverly

They’re replacing the department of public works building. Why anyone is even contemplating of putting the department of public works building on the eastern side of the river instead of in the village where it was originally for accessibility; doesn’t seem to make any sense.

And on and on and on....

Towanda Borough’s open burn problem reminds me of the “property owner sidewalk repair” issue. Like the Energizer bunny, these conflicts will go on and on and on!

Seeing the light

I would like to thank Towanda Borough and PennDOT for their rapid response in repairing the street light on the corner of William and Locust streets. The light makes such a difference when coming up that hill.

This burning business

Towanda Borough has a perfectly good burn ban. The public has to help by reporting illegal burning and the police have to follow up with citations and fines.

Great Wall of USA

Donald Trump made a lot of campaign promises to get votes. He promised to build a wall along the border with Mexico and would force Mexico to pay for the construction. Donald Trump’s transition team is now looking to have U.S. tax payers pay for “Trump’s Great Wall.” Just remember Donald Trump’s Feb. 24 quote from Las Vegas: “We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated.”

Not ready for Rearview, part II

I understand that The Daily Review needs to provide a conservative forum given the population they serve, but please tell me Gregory Maresca’s bigoted editorial is not to become the new norm for the paper. Mr. Maresca’s so-called awards column should have never run in a respectable newspaper. The fact that The Daily Review’s editors allowed such vitriolic trash to be printed on their editorial page calls into question the editor’s judgment and sense of service to local communities. Bradford County does not need its largest newspaper espousing such bigoted ignorance.

Wally the intern says: No, he won’t become the new norm — just a new perspective among a variety of perspectives on our Opinion page.

With regards to dignity

In response to the statement about President Obama’s dignity as he leaves office. George W. Bush left office with the second greatest economic disaster in American history. He also got us into war in Iraq, which we now know was based on lies about weapons of mass destruction. George W. left office with a favorable rating of 6 percent. President Obama’s favorable rating is in the mid 50s and growing.

About Orwell

It looks like we’re still raising mushrooms in Orwell Township. It’s a great article you wrote for the Bradford County municipalities for 2017 with each township weighing heavily. Each township has 25 to 30 lines for most of them except for Orwell Township. One simple sentence. Expect the same.

Wally the intern says: Our reporter spent quite a bit of time gathering info for that story. Unfortunately, that’s all we ended up with.


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