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Could Brock Street become one way?

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Sayre Admin Committee looking at possibility

By Nathan Brown

Staff Writer

SAYRE — The Sayre Borough Administrative Committee is looking at changing part of Brock Street that borders Island Pond Park to one-way heading north, with safety being the largest concern.

Code Enforcement Officer Chris Kaiden initially made the recommendation Tuesday before the committee, referencing the Island Pond renovation and the amount of additional traffic it could bring to the area.

“My idea is that we spent one-hundred-some-thousand dollars renovating Island Pond, trying to make it a beautiful place and trying to get people to go there,” said Kaiden. “Right now with two-way traffic, those residents are not going to be able to get in-and-out of there if we let people park along that park, like we want to.”

Kaiden added that he made contact, or attempted to make contact, with the 12 residents that line the western side of the street to gather their opinions.

He stated that six of the residents were in favor of the one-way street, one had no opinion, another one of the homes is empty and just one stated that they were not in favor of the change. Three of the residents were not able to be contacted.

The concern of the residents was the risk they took as they backed out of their driveways. Kaiden stated that with parking on both sides of the street and two-way traffic, residents are not able to see and have a small window of space and time to back out without being struck.

Councilman Tim Shaw added that he believes motorists will just continue to the next side street between Stevenson and West Lockhart streets and cause increased traffic on Stedman Street.

Shaw stated that Stedman is a very narrow street and the increased traffic would “create a bit more havoc at the next intersection, at least short term.”

He went on to state that hospital-goers have been using Stevenson and Brock streets for years, and posting the change would cause additional confusion.

Councilman Robert Flick suggested the increase of signage on Stevenson Street and Wilbur Avenue to help with the confusion of the potential change.

Since the beginning of a recent traffic study in June of 2016, Borough Manager David Jarrett stated that there have been three motor vehicle accidents at the intersection of Brock and West Lockhart streets.

Eugene Cerutti, chairman of the administration committee, confirmed with Fire Chief Gil Crossett that at least six accidents have occurred at that intersection in recent times. Cerutti is in favor of seeing the elimination of that corner where multiple accidents have occurred.

Kaiden suggested the implementation of a 90-day trial to test how the one-way street would be received.

No action was taken on the matter during Tuesday’s meeting, but officials plan to continue discussions.

Nathan Brown can be reached at (570) 265-2151 ext. 1639 or email: nbrown@thedailyreview.com.

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