2017-02-14 / Sound Off

Sound Off, Feb. 14, 2017

Traffic suggestions

I agree with the caller about Towanda traffic. There’s no longer any need for a traffic light light at the corner of Main and Bridge streets. Pine Street should be two-way from Main Street to the parkway. And there’s no reason for a “no right turn on red” sign at the intersection of Elizabeth Street and the parkway. Why not? You can see a long ways to the left there, up the parkway.

A hand up for Dubya

George W. Bush must be feeling pretty good about himself right now. He's been replaced as "worst president ever" less than a month after Trump was sworn in.

Grounds for firing

Juan Williams (FOX news) was whining about the disrespect the 9th circuit gets. Gee, they only get it right 12 percent of the time and overturned 88 percent. Calling them stupid morons would be a compliment. Fact is, if they worked for a company and turned in that kind of performance they would have been fired a long time ago. I refuse to be nice to S-T-U-P-I-D people. We need recourse to FIRE these idiots.

Stop scattering rubbish

This is to the person/persons that are throwing bags of empty cat food cans and other household garbage along the road between Columbia Cross Roads and Austinville on the Austinville Road. If you can't afford to send your garbage to the dump, the least you could do would be to drop your bags off at the township building by the gate, not along the road for someone else to pick up. It has gotten to be very annoying.

Banding together for Ben

I think it would be terrible if Ben Franklin closes. It is the mainstay of the downtown area. Maybe it’s time the local residents banded together to help Jay Cory keep it opened. What can you do, I don’t know. Write letters, give money, what ever would help, maybe just pray. Let’s show how the community can get together to accomplish something.

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