2017-02-15 / Sound Off

Sound Off, Feb. 15, 2017

A royal(ty) pain

Regarding numerous complaints filed by PA landowners to the governor, PA attorney general, state representatives and commissioners based on the deceptive acts concerning royalty payments, where can someone obtain (or track) updated information on the PA Attorney General’s 8 December 2015 Civil Complaint 2015IR0069, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Chesapeake Energy, et al? There have been no recent press releases. After contacting the AG’s office, no answers have been forthcoming. Lack of transparent public information raises more questions!

From behind the lunch counter

Praising Michelle Obama for putting nutrition in the schools! She did an awesome job! Ninety percent of the food goes right in the garbage! We have the right to choose white, wheat or rye, so should our schools. Tater tots are on our menu only once this month, so stop in and one of us lazy cafeteria workers will serve you some.

Trump needs a vacation — or free marketing

Trump is planning to return to Mar-a-Lago again this weekend, Feb. 17. It’s his third straight weekend in a row to travel there, each visit costing the taxpayers $3 million-plus dollars.

Banker’s hours

I see why they call them “banker’s hours.” All the local banks are open no more than a couple hours a day. Ridiculous.

Wally the intern says: Maybe you need to switch banks. The three I use are pretty much 9 to 5.

Following the money

A man who spent 17 years at Goldman Sachs and filed to take a 90-year-old woman’s house after a 27-cent payment error is now our secretary of the Treasury.

Champagne wishes and Uber dreams

Metropolitan Towanda should have Uber transportation. It would be convenient and cost-saving for seniors. All I can say is, “Dream on!”

Wally the intern says: Yeah, I’m not sure there is enough clientele to support such a service, although I’m all for new ways of doing things.

Judging the book of Bannon

I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but this Steve Bannon who’s on Trump’s team! He looks like a wino from the Bowery. Honest to God. Either clean him up or get rid of him.

Side-by-side comparison

What a difference in photo ops. With Trump and the leader of Japan, Trump acted like he wanted to suck tongues with him. Well, with the leader of Canada today, all they had was a very cool handshake. What’s up with that?

Love thy neighbor as thyself

This is somebody calling from the Village of Powell. I would like to please say that the people that go out and start their car in the morning or the evening, please shut off your headlights. There’s a switch in your car. They’re shining in your neighbor’s houses and it’s very rude. Plus I think you’ll find it’s against the law to sit there for 15 minutes with your headlights shining into your neighbor’s house. Please people in the Village of Powell use some common sense.

Helping Trump defenders

Anyone who feels a lack of confidence to Sound Off about Trump because of their limited vocabulary, don’t worry, just use his limited vocabulary. Words such as zero, mean, crook, cheat, loser, stupid, weak, bad, sad, fat. He finds his own faults and fears in the behavior of others. That’s called projection. In the meantime, start reading to expand your vocabulary. You’ll sound smarter and be smarter for the next election.


It’s time to Sound Off!

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