2017-02-16 / Sound Off

Sound Off, Feb. 16, 2017

Not betting on the vetting

If President Trump’s criteria for his immigration vetting program is the same as he uses for his cabinet vetting, look out America. Only rich bad guys will be immigrated to make America great again.

Rudely interrupted

I was VERY disappointed with the Wyalusing fans at the Feb. 10 Black Knight game. While the Black Knights were singing the Towanda Alma Mater, they started singing THEIR Alma Mater. I think it was RUDE. It was The Black Knight court. Let’s show some RESPECT! and SPORTSMANSHIP!

Protests: Does a government good

I think the protests against our government are important and I look for them to grow. They put Republican leaders on notice that their jobs are on the line if they don’t rein in an out-of-control president. They also inform and reassure the frightened people in other countries that the majority of us do NOT support our president.

Foul flag

Since the election took place in November, and Trump came out on top, there has been an American flag flying upside down on the way to Canton from Troy. I find this disgraceful. Has to be a Democrat. And they wonder why they aren’t taken seriously when it comes to political matters. We Republicans had to endure the likes of Obama for the last eight years. But don’t riot, burn down buildings and cars, and fly the American flag upside down. It’s like a temper tantrum to a 2 year old. GROW UP!

Leaky leadership

The Trump administration is trying to plug the leaks in his cabinet. Remember Nixon’s “plumbers,” trying to do the same thing back in Watergate days? The independent investigation needs to focus on the content of the leaked material, not the source. If the current allegations are true, this scandal makes Watergate look like a tea party.

Remembering the Brasch one

Greg Maresca’s piece on Walter Brasch was not only well written, it also spoke well of a man who was the polar opposite of any conservative, which Maresca is from what I’ve read. Dr. Brasch was one of my profs as a student at BU nearly 20 years ago and his books were all left of center and his class an indoctrination into the liberal ethos. May he rest in peace along with his political ideology.

Keeping things in check

Please don’t allow the Republicans to investigate this Russian mess. We absolutely need a bi-partisan special investigation, that has access to ALL the intelligence information that was gathered over the course of the campaign. Without a bi-partisan committee, there’s too much opportunity for butt covering.

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