2017-02-17 / Sound Off

Sound Off, Feb. 17, 2017


A recent Sound Off stated the Planned Parenthood abortions represent 3 percent of total services and the group receives federal funding, but the money is not to be used for abortions. I was interested in more information. A brief search revealed that during 2014-2015 Planned Parenthood performed 323,999 abortions, which represented 3.4 percent of “medical services.” Planned Parenthood also received $553.7 million from our government (from U.S. taxpayers), but as stated earlier the money cannot be used for abortions. Interesting.

Get a job you protesters

Maybe if the protesters would go out and get a job that in itself would be a good start. Then they wouldn’t have all this time for these protests. Hurting people and burning buildings, in my opinion, and destroying property is not a good thing. You might not like Donald Trump but at least he is trying to help this country. No thanks to the Democrats!


“Obama Derangement Syndrome” definition: The acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, statements and even the existence of President Obama. Apparently it’s common in Bradford County. It prevents some people from realizing what actually constitutes a great president, even when they have just experienced one.

Apology not accepted

In response to the coroner’s letter of apology, you’re missing a couple of points here. First, he was using a vehicle paid for by taxpayers for his own use and driving under the influence. Second, in his apology letter, he accuses the officer of laying in wait for him. Not true. He was pulled over for crossing the center line and texting. Lastly, why haven’t the county commissioners commented on his private use of a county-owned vehicle. Who’s in charge of this county anyway?

Critical of Carman

I think Tom Carman should lose his job as coroner for DUI. He doesn’t do his job right anyway. We lost our son over two years ago and we haven’t gotten any information whatsoever from him.

Police questioning

The article, “Truck avoids Troy school bus in crash,” it doesn’t name any names. Also, the police didn’t arrest this guy. What is he? Some kind of Houdini to get away with that? It just doesn’t make sense. People get arrested by the police for a lot less than that, and this guy isn’t even named.

Lauding the lunch ladies

Kudos to all cafeteria workers. Their work days start in the early morning hours while parents are sleeping instead of preparing breakfast for their children. Think Michelle Obama could survive a day as a cafeteria worker?

A match made in . . .

Where did Trump come up with Kellyanne Conway anyway? Her and Steve Bannon make a good pair.

Boycott over beliefs

When local businesses go against my faith and beliefs, I can choose not to buy from them. So, if they support Planned Parenthood or the LGBT agenda, I can boycott their store. I, for one, have not stepped foot in Ben Franklin since their financial support of the Gay Pride Day down here at the Towanda court house.

Stock suggestion

I suggest that everyone buy stock in antacid companies. I have never seen a president cause so much heartburn as this (expletive-deleted).

Encouraging competition

I’m calling about the school teacher who responded to Sound Off — said he was a Republican, a veteran and a public educator, and he’s totally against DeVos as secretary of education because she is against public education. Public education has spent more and more money every year and has produced less and less high school graduates, dumber and dumber high school graduates. Why would anyone support a system that doesn’t encourage competition? Competition makes everything better. Monopolies aren’t legal in this country, but that’s what public education is.

From crafts to cars

This is in regards to the Ben Franklin craft store closing in Towanda. It’s too bad that it’s closing and they don’t have the business they used to, but this might be a good thing for Towanda Borough and the court house. They could buy out the Ben Franklin building and make it into a parking lot. It’s definitely big enough. They ought to consider that instead of a parking garage.

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