2017-03-17 / Sound Off

Sound Off, March 17, 2017

Fairly targeted

When the IRS targeted Political Action Committees for illegal campaign activities, they went after PACs of both parties. It seemed like the Republican PACs were unfairly targeted because there were so many more of them engaged in breaking the law. They didn’t go after the ones that were abiding by the law. People really do have short memories when something in the news doesn’t fit their preconceived beliefs.

Obama’s slowdown

Let’s not forget that the brilliant idea that became known as “Fast and Furious” was begun by the B.A.T.F. under the W. Bush administration, and ended by President Obama when he was briefed on the program after it resulted in the death of an American border guard.

Snowy streets

As of Thursday morning, the main streets of Monroeton had 4 inches of snow and slush making it hard to navigate, especially if there was oncoming traffic. It didn’t look like it was plowed at all on Wednesday after the initial clearing on Tuesday. I was surprised when I got to Towanda and found the side streets were mostly clear, and what remained was melting in the sun. This is the first time in a few years the streets of Monroeton were so poorly maintained.

A helping shovel

My neighbors and I would like to say thank you to Decatur’s from Athens for shoveling our sidewalks and driveways on Tuesday. They did a great job.

Staying warm

After shoveling snow for three days, I wondered why I hadn’t seen a human under the age of 19 years. I then realized that these kids are either in bed or on an electronic device. Video games and Instagram can be exhausting. A note to parents of these ambitious offspring: remember, these are the ones who will be checking up on you when you’re in the nursing home, except when they don’t.

Our president

President Trump got to be president because he’s incredible, not uncredible. And if he’s not your president, you must be in the wrong country.

Age limit

The Constitution does not allow 15-year-olds to become president. And now we can see why.

Questioning the snow strategy

Tuesday, 12:37 p.m., major snow storm hits Franklindale. Still no plow trucks. Wouldn’t it be easier to stay with the snow than try to plow two feet of snow when the storm is over? Where is the thinking. Is this what we are paying our tax dollars for? People have to get out in emergencies. Where are you plow trucks?

Another alternative fact

Kellyanne Conway was backpedaling for Trump about his crazy tweets that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. Conway said, and I quote, “There are many ways to surveil people, like microwaves that turn into cameras. It’s a fact of modern life.” Well, I know one fact of modern life for sure — that swamp in Washington is getting swampier.

Business as usual

I just read the front page of The Daily Review, 3/13/2017, “Abrupt dismissals spark turmoil among federal prosecutors.” If you go back to the Bill Clinton administration and Janet Reno, they dismissed 93 of these people. This has been a political thing that has been going on for years, but your paper makes it a big thing and it’s business as usual. It’s about time you guys stopped bashing him and give the president a chance.

Wally the intern says: Happenings in Washington, D.C. are newsworthy and always will be, and our wire services will continue to pick up those stories as will just about every other news agency out there.

Praising the champs

Congratulations NTL. Two state wrestling champs. At least it’s one sport the NTL is still competitive in. Good job!

More punishment to help the animals

I was wondering why the inhumane creatures get only a fine and not jail time, or both, when they starve and chain a dog up so it can’t reach its water. Also, I think rodeos, zoos, circuses are all forms of using animals for profit. Please don’t abuse the animals. I love them very much.

Missing: Trump’s tax returns

In addition to the $400,000 annual salary, the president receives a $50,000 expense account. Trump said repeatedly, I won’t give one dollar of it. I will give it to charity. But how would anyone know he would actually do that. Take his word for it? The only way to prove it would be for Mr. Trump to do what he’s refused to do for a year — release his tax returns.


I understand the need for all those who rush in to defend Trump and his policies, and his rants, and his sophomoric tweets. I get it why people feel the need to protect his wife and adult children from their conspicuous abuse of their positions at the expense of taxpayers. He’s the horse you bet on. But your defensiveness is only the first step in realizing that you made a big mistake.

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