2017-03-20 / Sound Off

Sound Off, March 20, 2017

Fearful future

Donald Trump met the new leader of the free world and didn’t even have the grace to shake her hand. He has no class whatsoever. Please get on board to help get him out of office. I never feared for our country like this before, and I’m not sure we can survive four years.

Trump v. Obama

Apparently the person complaining about the Trumps’ vacation didn’t pay too much attention to all of the vacations the Obamas took. Oh yea and when our people’s heads were cut off what did Obama do? Let me think..... oh yea that’s right he continued to golf on his vacation!

Who’s job is it anyway?

I guess that like a lot of Americans, Donald Trump doesn’t understand why the massacre at our embassy at Benghazi happened. The State Department had repeatedly asked for increased funding for embassy security. Congress turned it down, because Republicans controlled Congress and they were turning down everything Obama requested, just to make him fail. Now Trump wants to cut State Department funding by one third. They handle embassy security.

Democrat disgrace

Now we’re seeing anti-U.S. Constitution, anti-American, progressive communist Democrats Chuck Shumer and Richard Blumenthal on the news essentially saying they oppose Neil Gorsuch because he believes in, upholds and defends the U.S. Constitution and they will NEVER vote for Gorsuch unless he moves closer to becoming a progressive communist Democrat and abandons his faith in the U.S. Constitution. I doubt I could ever be proud of myself if I had ever registered as a Democrat.

Make America _____ again

Hey ALL Trumpies: Trump proposed budget CUTS all federal LIHEAP programs that help y’all pay for fuel, gas and electric. “Make America Freeze again.” Trump doesn’t care if you freeze... Don’t bother to call and complain to Toomey and Marino. They don’t give a damn about LIHEAP cuts. Oh, only Bob Casey, you know, the Democrat spoke up against it. “Make America Great Again” (for the rich).

Bad electronic vibes

In response to the Sound Off about anybody under 19 shoveling snow, I agree with this person 100 percent. But I don’t think it’s all the younger children’s fault. I blame a lot of it on the FCC and the government for allowing all the electronics to come in to our country. I really think that it’s ruined and devalued the families homes and children growing up. I don’t like it... Something has to change.

National embarrassment

Someone in the White House ordered or the Republican or Democratic parties should tell this President Trump to put his big boy pants on and stop this Twitter account stuff. It’s just absolutely embarrassing. Maybe he should be pushed to resign. He’s an absolute embarrassment to the country.

Familiar practices

The United States office of strategic services described Hitler’s psychological profile: Never allow the public to cool off. Never admit a fault or wrong. Never leave room for alternatives. Never accept blame. Concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong. People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one and if you repeat it frequently enough, people will believe it.

Trump train

It’s quite comical how I read in your Sound Off almost every day the bad reports on our President Donald Trump. Either you’re on the Trump train or get out of our way, because he’s bringing jobs back, he’s helping the economy, but everyone has to piss and piss on him. Get on the Trump train or get out of our way. Period.

Wonderful words

I just want to give a big thank you for Craig Pierce for his wonderful letter to the editor. It was great. It says what a lot of us are thinking. Thank you.

Let them hear

Emergency preparedness? Not in Franklin Township. Road master, along with former road master, could have expedited plowing using additional equipment, providing services to the tax payer that elected them. Thankful that no one needed emergency services while roads had 28 inches of snow. Regarding road conditions on the dirt roads, they are all lacking stone material so it’s not only in Leroy Township. Please attend the next township meeting on April 10.

Editor’s note: The audio was unclear on the Sound Off line and we accidentally wrote down snow material instead of stone material.

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