2017-04-18 / Sound Off

Sound Off, April 18, 2017

Republican controlled

It’s true that Harrisburg can’t get much accomplished. But the Democrats have no power there. The Pa. Senate and Pa. House are both firmly in Republican control. Roads not getting fixed? Don’t blame the Democrats. Hate the highest gas taxes in the nation? Don’t cry to the Democrats. Republicans are in total control. Wolf would love to help, but he’s powerless. In this state, Republicans run it all.

Release the taxes

Congress has the power to force Donald Trump to release his tax returns for previous years. But Congress is under Republican control, and they’ve so far shown little concern for what Americans want. Hopefully now that he is president, Donald Trump will be required to release his returns for the year 2016. I would certainly hope that we are allowed to see the tax returns of a sitting president. The march in Washington today (Saturday) is to let Donald Trump know we want full disclosure.

The election is heating up

I think it’s shameful that the Review will not post letters to the editor in regards to local elections, especially when those elections affect the people the paper is supposed to serve most directly.

Wally the intern says: What can I say? We leave much of the mudslinging to the candidates competing against each other, and we’ve watched the mud fly from supporters of both sides in one local contest. Obviously, if there is an issue such as someone violating election law (and there’s solid evidence to prove it), we’ll jump in from a news standpoint. Otherwise, aside from providing a forum for candidacy announcements and candidate information, let the best person win.

Tax day

Well, today is tax day. I mailed my return, along with the biggest check I’ve ever had to write — for anything, ever. Nobody likes paying taxes, but I understand they are the price we pay for clean air, potable water and the armed services that protect us. But I absolutely want to see my president’s tax returns, as he has repeatedly promised. I’m betting that percentage wise, he didn’t pay a quarter of what I did.

Scam alert

I received a scam call I wanted to warn people about. A man told me I won $3.5 million in the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes, as well as a Mercedes Benz! He told me to send a Moneygram with a few hundred dollars to pay for the car’s registration to an individual in Jamaica. I took the matter to the state police, who referred me to the attorney general’s office. I just wanted to alert others not to fall for such a thing, because they make it sound real official. They even gave me the number of the check I was supposed to receive.

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