2017-04-19 / Sound Off

Sound Off, April 19, 2017

Looking for an update

What is the status of Bradford County Coroner Thomas Carman’s charges for DUI with a blood level over 1.6, texting while driving, then trying to get off with “call the State Police or DA’s office” to verify who I am? I have been watching for an article updating the public and haven’t seen anything. If I missed it, I would appreciate an update, or is this hush, hush?

Wally the intern: He was arraigned in late March and now we’re just waiting for his next court appearance to be scheduled.

New lethal injection

Dozens of people kill themselves every day with drugs they buy on a nearby street corner. Yet governments can’t get lethal injection right, spending thousands of dollars on elaborate drug cocktails that don’t work very well and hundreds of thousands on lawsuits that result. Why don’t they just take a fifty dollar bill down to the local bar and pick up a hot shot of heroin? It works, and the perp goes happy.

Raising the minimum wage

If you never understood that Bradford County residents are out of touch with reality, and out of touch with the rest of the population of the United States, consider that over half of the respondents to the latest reader’s opinion poll do not believe that Pennsylvania should raise its minimum wage. At my age, the local standard of living doesn’t affect me much. But I do feel sorry for those young families trying to make it work on three or four full-time minimum wage incomes for a single family.

The blame game

Stop blaming Donald Trump for all the craziness coming out of Washington. Yes, we seem closer to war and farther away from economic stability than ever before, but it’s not Donald Trump’s fault. He did everything in his power during the campaign to show us that he was unfit in every way to ever serve in any elected capacity, and certainly not as commander-in-chief. Don’t blame him. It’s the fault of the millions of voters who refused to listen to the warnings he gave us.

The final countdown

In January of this year, The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved the minute hand of their Doomsday Clock 30 seconds closer to midnight, an unprecedented move that brings the clock closer to midnight than it has been at any time at since 1953. The clock symbolically represents how close the world’s atomic scientists believe we are to destroying humanity. I’m not sure how often they adjust it, but given the escalating ignorance now flowing between Donald Trump and North Korea, I believe it’s time they reset it yet again.

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