2017-05-15 / Sound Off

Sound Off, May 15, 2017

True colors

By not firing FBI Director in person (man-to-man), President Trump showed himself to be a coward. It is further evidence that he is a thin-skinned man lacking the integrity, honor, and moral compass to lead this nation.

Loyal ties

It is disconcerting when party loyalty or agenda is more important than loyalty to country and your citizens.

Step up

We really need one or two Republican senators to step up and lead the charge for Donald Trump’s removal from office. Whether it’s because of his treasonous acts, or based on the growing evidence of his dementia, it doesn’t matter. The evidence of his incompetence and ignorance is irrefutable. If one or two senators would put country first, before party, the rest would follow if only to have a hope for re-election. Please, somebody step up.

Obstructing forces

Donald Trump is naturally frustrated that his administration hasn’t been able to accomplish anything so far. Now he’s considering firing some of his key players. That won’t accomplish anything because he personally is the whole show. He has no good ideas and no hope of getting his bad ideas through Congress even though it is controlled by his own party. Democrats don’t need to obstruct a thing.

More DUIs

North Towanda Township has it on the ballot to vote dry or wet. We don’t need another bar or restaurant in this area. Don’t you people read the daily news or watch the TV accounts of driving drunk? People who drink don’t seem to care if they cause an accident and kill someone. Vote no Tuesday, May 16.

You know what they say

The many excuses and muddled reasons that Trump and the White House have put out this week about the Comey firing have made me think of the old maxim: “What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.”

RE: Teachers don’t work enough

I think they should rethink their position. That’s 2 1/2 months of less electric, less bussing, fewer athletics and the biggest one is, if teachers worked a full year, each teacher would make probably $10 to maybe $12-15 thousand more per teacher per year and that would add to the tax base. I think the caller should be happy that school is only 186 days a year because it actually reduces your taxes versus if it was year round your taxes would go up.

RE: Complaining about teachers

If you would compare that to somebody who works at say Proctor and Gamble on a 12-hour shift, they work fewer days than teachers and they probably make more money. But people aren’t going to complain about that and they actually willingly go out and buy the product for those people. If your taxes weren’t directly associated with teacher’s salaries you wouldn’t care what they made. So are you arguing that teachers make too much money or are you mad that you pay taxes? I think you have to differentiate between that.

All about allegations

I’d like to know when the allegations against Judge Shaw, if he’s going to have to address them, or are we going to never address them at all and be swept under the table again like they were from ‘14 to ‘16?

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