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Sound Off, May 16, 2017

Doubting the degree

Wow! A doctoral degree taken at Towanda online by Immaculata University. Their website does not even mention doctoral degrees. This will allow teachers to claim a doctorate, make a higher salary and more retirement income for a degree that is a joke.

Wally the intern: You might want to click the link for graduate studies under the section for prospective students. The doctorate programs are listed there in a series of pop-up menus, which include K-12 education.

First things first

With the exception of the Supreme Court nomination, Democrats have not yet used their meager powers to obstruct the Trump administration. But it’s time they started. They should not allow ANY nominee to be appointed to head the FBI until Congress appoints a special prosecutor, with subpoena power, to complete the investigation into Russian interference in our election process.

Master of misdirection

Officials who try to investigate Donald Trump himself, or his candidates for office appointments, get fired. He’s fired three so far. But he cannot fire U.S. Senators. We need Senators from both parties to step up and do their sworn duty to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. Trump has committed so many treasonous acts that one begins to lose count. Each new violation takes the focus off the previous ones, as we get distracted by the latest scandal. He’s a master at misdirection. It’s how he got elected.


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