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Canton principal discusses potential state testing changes


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CANTON — Canton Area School District students could see a decrease in state testing in 2018, pending decisions made by the Department of Education.

Though still in an early level of discussion, the Department of Education has taken part in a process of strategizing how to shorten PSSA testing. With a goal of limiting distraction from school while preserving the integrity of the assessments, they are looking into the possibilities of combining or omitting sections of the test.

“The intention is to basically take nine days of current PSSA time and cut it back, somehow, someway,” stated Canton High School Principal Craig Coleman. He reinforced the early stage of conversation the issue currently sits in and confirmed that the state has made no decisions yet.

Changes could be on the way regarding Keystone testing as well. The Department of Education is brainstorming other criteria measures for graduation requirements. These possibilities could include factoring in other assessments such as ACT, AP, or SATs. Other potential options could include looking at Keystone composite scores, or industry assessments.

Coleman said, “The state has realized we test too much and is looking for ways to cut back, details will be forthcoming.”

Far from an area of final decisions being made, options could change vastly before a conclusion is reached, but attention has come to the current issues with state testing and solutions are being sought out.

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