2017-05-19 / Sound Off

Sound Off, May 19, 2017

Not doing enough

For the readers who are upset with PennDOT, well should you be. For the last 30 years PennDOT has just done enough for Bradford County to get by. District managers keep their jobs this way. By staying under budget. Like in the past we still have no representation in Harrisburg! If we had, Route 220 might have become what Route 15 is today — a corridor for I-99. Taxation without representation.


Where is our Congress critter? As other congresspersons travel their districts, Don must be cowering at home, afraid to address the constituents of the 10th district. Anyone out there seen him in the flesh standing before the public. I don’t think he exists.

Wally the intern says: I’m assuming you mean Tom, as in Tom Marino. Don Sherwood, on the other hand, has been out of office for the past decade, so there would be a good reason for why you haven’t seen him.

With great power comes great responsibility

Donald Trump had a legal right to release highly classified information to our greatest enemy. He’s the president, and as such he has powers that are truly scary. But he has an obligation to the American people, and to our allies, to use those awesome powers responsibly. That’s a big problem, because Donald Trump has never taken responsibility for anything bad he’s done in his life and he’s too uninformed to be making important decisions.

The sound of silence

Noticed there was nothing in the Sound Off column (Thursday) morning. Seems the Republicans have gotten eerily silent over the past few weeks regarding the performance of the elected president. Wonder why?

A swampy mess

Any legislative agenda that the Republicans had is now dead in the water until the mess in Washington is straightened out. That’s a good thing for most Americans, as it was designed by the rich, for the rich and was bigly hurtful to the rest of us. I do worry that with our intelligence agencies being so heavily involved in the many investigations into the Trump administration, who’s watching out for our national security?

No surprise

Donald Trump’s entire campaign and presidency have been built on a foundation of lies and deceit. Why is anyone surprised that it’s now all crumbling? If you don’t have truth and honesty to build on, you can’t build anything solid or lasting.

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Do you think Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer will have negative repercussions for President Trump?