2017-07-17 / Sound Off

Sound Off, Monday, July 17

Bless you

To the young lady who gave me $10 so I could buy a pair of shorts, God bless you for your kindness. It really made my day. Thank you.

You’re out!

I cant believe the Athens School Board hiring a coach for the basketball team with a questionable history and then paying three times the asking amount for a church building to put their administration building in. My God. Get these people out of there.

RE: Wysox EMS asking township for money

What happened to the over $150,000 that was donated to (Wysox EMS) by an individual that passed away? What did they do with that money? Also if they have so much time to run up and down the road going to the restaurants with the ambulance and to the shopping mall with the ambulance, wasting gas, they could save money to buy a new ambulance. I was a volunteer for 35 years and we didn’t have any problem. We did fundraisers and that’s more than they do now. That’s a paid service. Very disappointed with them.

Too much red tape

I really don’t know who would want to live in the good old U.S. of A. or come here from outside this country because the government pretty much regulates what you want to do to your property or with our property. You have to go through so many regulations. And then the counties, the cities, the state and the federal government tax you to death. welcome tot he good old U.S. of A.

Job creator

Donald Trump said he would put Americans to work and he’s keeping that promise. Everyone on his campaign staff, his transition team, his administration, and in his family have hired one or more lawyers to defend them on the Russian scandal. As it unfolds, more will be hired. The manufacturing jobs are still going overseas, but lets focus on the positive.

Hot seat

Someone said they’d rather be in the electric chair than watch MSNBC. But, if you are heartsick about what our country has become, about the president’s determination to undo all the progress made by President Obama on so many fronts, or that our nation of laws is now run by people with no regard whatsoever for the law, or that the election was stolen by an enemy power, MSNBC is for you. That’s what they’re covering, nonstop.


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