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Troy sweeps NEB, 3-0

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Troy defeated Northeast Bradford, 3-0 (25-21, 25-16, 25-5), in local volleyball action on Tuesday.

For Troy, Emilie Cole had 15 points five assists, five kills and four digs; Cassie Shedden had 11 points four aces, five kills, 10 assists and four digs; Caitlin DeLosa had nine points, five aces, six kills and five digs; Caitlyn Hoffmann had four points, three kills and one dig; Gabby Bohner had four points and three digs; Breanna Millard had four points, two kills and three digs; Mallori Morse had three points seven assists, three kills and two digs; Savannah Sakosky had one point, one ace, one kill and seven digs; and Autumn Gilbert had four kills and three digs.

Troy won the JV match, 25-22, 25-23.

For Troy, Shyanna Yaggie had nine points and two aces; Morgan Millard had six points and four aces; Vanessa Thomas had five points and three aces; Dalainey Braund had four points and one ace.

Newark Valley 3, Waverly 225-23, 17-25, 25-22, 10-25, 25-17

Newark Valley edged Waverly, 3-2, in local volleyball action on Tuesday.

For Waverly, Sydney Myers had five aces, 14 points, seven kills and 15 digs; Siera Kirk had five aces, 12 points and 19 digs; Abby Searles finished with 12 points and 19 digs; Adrianah Clinton finished with 15 points; Paige Lewis had nine kills and one block; Lea Gullotin had eight kills and Katie Goodwin had 21 assists.

Waverly won the JV match 2-1(26-24, 22-25, 25-19).

For Waverly, Morgan Adams finished with six aces, 18 points, five kills and five digs; Izzy Garvey had nine points and Lexy Streeter had seven points.

Tioga 3, CV 125-13, 26-28, 25-20, 25-11

Tioga defeated Chenango Valley, 3-1, in local volleyball action on Tuesday.

For Tioga, Martha Schumacher had two aces, 10 kills, one block, two digs and seven points; Anna Schumacher finished with 14 kills and one block; Charli Hall had one ace, five assists, five kills, three digs and nine points; Kurstan Martin had two aces, 10 kills, one block, one dig and seven points; Chloe Bellis added five aces, 41 assists, one kill, one block, seven digs and 13 points; Giovanna Rossi had one ace, two kills and four points; and Kylee Ingersoll had three aces and seven points.

Tioga swept CV in the JV match, 3-0 (25-10, 25-20, 25-22).

For Tioga, Kaitlyn Perry had 11 points, and six assists; Chaina Franks had 11 points, two blocks, and three digs; Emme Hall had six points, three kills and two digs; Ari Manwaring finished with two points, three kills and two digs; and Julia Bellis had three points and two kills.

North Penn-Liberty 3, Port Alleghany 123-25, 25-14, 25-18, 25-17

NPL defeated Port Alleghany, 3-1, in local volleyball action on Tuesday.

For NPL, Charisma Grega led the team with 17 kills, three aces and eight digs; Maddison Minyo added 10 kills and two aces; JoAnne McNamara had two aces, three kills, 21 assists and five digs; Savannah Doney led the defense with 13 digs, 27 receptions and two aces; Mariah Kshir added two aces, five kills, 16 assists and one dig; and Brooke Harvey had two aces, four kills and nine digs.

Williamson 3, Towanda 120-25, 25-17, 27-25, 25-23

Williamson defeated Towanda, 3-1, in NTL volleyball action on Tuesday.

For Towanda, Madi Doss had 18 points, one kill, 28 digs; Hannah Chandler had nine points, one kill, and 11 digs; Rachael Bair had seven points, four kills, and nine digs; Sydney Schoonover finished with six points, 16 kills, and nine blocks; Blair Wood had eight kills and eight blocks; Justine Vargason had five points, one kill, 19 digs, and 13 assists; Marriah Calaman had three points, Lindsey Leljedal four points, two kills, three digs, and one assist; and Kinsley Mosier and Reigan Hill each had one dig.

Towanda won the JV match, 2-0 (25-17, 25-18).

For Towanda, Delaney Pepper had eight points, 13 digs, and three assists; Hannah Chandler finished with eight points, two kills, four digs, and two assists; Blaise Wood added seven points, two kills, and one dig; Alyssa Gisler had two points, and five digs; Shelby Johnson finished with one kill and one block; Mariah Smith finished with three points, one kill, one dig, and one assist; Keona Walker had three kills and one block; Taylor Johnson added one point; Amanda Horton had one point and six digs; and Zoe Chikowski had two points and three digs.

Wellsboro 3, Canton 025-12, 25-18, 25-16

Wellsboro defeated Canton in NTL volleyball action on Tuesday.

For Wellsboro, Cheyenne Sherman had seven kills, and 16 digs; Caitlyn Callahan finished with seven kills and one block; Heidi Zuchowski added four kills, nine points and four aces; Megan Starkweather had four kills, Brianne Keane added 22 assists; Jill Graver finished with two blocks, nine points and one ace; Ryann Adams finished with nine points and Hannah Burnett had eight digs.

For Canton, Annie Gaiotti had two points, Hailey Wesneski finished with two points, one ace, and eight kills; Caitlyn Pepper finished with one point, three kills, 13 assists and six digs; Emily Ferguson had six points, two assists and five digs; Sam Proseus had six points, two kills and seven digs; Ellie Binford added three kills, Esther Martin had one kill; and Jill Shay added four digs.

Wellsboro also won the JV match, 2-0 (25-18, 25-17).

For Canton, Annie Gaiotti had three digs and one kill; Rhiley McNett added three aces and four kills; Gracie Mead had four digs and three kills; Carmya Martell finished with three digs, one kill, and six assists; Taylor Gilbert added six digs and one kill; and Emma Machmer had five digs.

Wyalusing 3, Sayre 125-16, 21-25, 25-12, 25-18

Wyalusing defeated Sayre, 3-1, in NTL volleyball action on Tuesday.

For Sayre, Alia Post had 17 digs and one assist; Camryn Brown added four digs, and four kills; Madeleine Dutra had 11 points, two digs, five kills and one assist; Miranda Tappen registered five kills and two blocks; Julia Boyle had two digs, and three kills; Lexi Post had six points, one dig and 15 assists; Kayla Kittle added one kill and Claire Shaffer had four points and two kills.

Wyalusing also won the JV match, 2-1.

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