I was happy to hear from my Uncle Bob. It was a Saturday afternoon; I was still working in the office. Uncle Bob called to tell me a few jokes; and, he called to tell me that he, at last, had decided to become a Christian. He wanted me to know, “It had nothing to do with all those years that you harassed me, nothing to do with all of your research, and stories, and studies, and logic, and rationality. It was your Aunt Ruth; I’ve lived with her for 40 years, and I know she’s real. That’s what made me decide.”

Of course, Uncle Bob was entirely right. God’s best product is a humble, kind, caring, sincere Christian. Every real Christian is an agent from Heaven. It is the best fact for faith that anyone could hope for. Aunt Ruth was the “ultimate fact for faith” so far as Uncle Bob was concerned. She was God’s own undeniable product.