The many deer hunters whom I have talked to have said this year was one of the slowest deer seasons they have experienced.

I did not hear many shots the first day, which for the first time since l962, was Saturday, Nov. 30.

I also found out for the first time, if a landowner has DMAP (Deer Management Assistance Program) tags, antlerless deer can be killed any day in the rifle season. 

I do know that the landowner can get a certain number of DMAP tags based on a certain number of acreage. 

For the farmer, tillable land, which includes pastures, can generate a certain number of tags which he/she can use and/or give to other hunters on their property.  

The idea is to minimize crop damage, which can be costly. The landowner can also get DMAP tags for forested land.

So, some of those shots heard on the first day included those DMAP tag holders. A local farmer’s kids each killed an antlerless deer on the first Saturday. These folks enjoy the taste of venison. One lad is a high school student. His sister is a college student. It was good for them to have the first day on a Saturday.

Another factor to consider is that bear season is still ongoing for the entire first week of deer season in our area and several others.  One of our clients and his brothers mainly pursued black bears the first week.  Last time I counted, his family had over 30 bear kills over the years.

The season will have to be over after Dec. 14 to get a better handle on how this initial Saturday after Thanksgiving opening day turns out. Stay tuned.

Get outdoors and enjoy all the wonderful things God have given us to enjoy in nature. We certainly do!