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Local artist Ron Lent of Dushore has had two paintings chosen to be exhibited in two separate shows. One of the paintings titled, “On the Rocks,” was juried into the 18th national exhibition of the American Society of Marine Artists.

The American society of Marine Artists is the largest and oldest art organization dedicated solely to the depiction of maritime and nautical art. 

The national traveling exhibition will be shown in four museums over the next two years.

The other painting, “Towanda from the Bridge,” was recently chosen from among hundreds of entries from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New York to be included in the Garden State Watercolor Society’s Annual juried exhibition.

Lent stated, “The painting, ‘Towanda from the Bridge,’ had its beginning not long after the Towanda courthouse dome had been re-sheathed in copper, as I was often struck by the beauty of the late winter sun reflecting off the dome. That, combined with the long cool shadows on the snow, seemed like a natural for a painting. I found the best angle to see it all was from the bridge over the Susquehanna River. 

“Although my initial response to the scene was visual, it was not until I studied and worked on the painting for a while that it occurred to me that Towanda, in so many ways, was very much a typical American town. Like hundreds of similar towns, Towanda was founded along a river, and the various buildings themselves say much about our founding as a nation and Towanda as a town. 

“Of course, the courthouse with Lady Justice on top and the police station nearby remind us that as a people we desire and enjoy the freedom provided by a lawful and orderly society. Then, as I also observed the many different steeples and churches in Towanda, I realized they too represent another very important ingredient of our American heritage. In addition to the law, we also have ingrained in our system and history the biblical concert, taught in most churches, of repentance, forgiveness and mercy. In the Old Testament book of Micah 8, we read: ‘Seek justice and love mercy,’ which could have been another title for the painting. What a great place to live.”