It was in the late 1960s when I caught a tagged brown trout, fishing Loyalsock Creek in April or May.

The tag was from the Atlantic Richfield Gasoline Company.

The tag won me $10 in gasoline, a full tank in those days.

I also received a patch to wear on my fishing vest.  

I remember using a killer lure and fishing just a few hundred yards on the western bank of Loyalsock Creek from the Loyalsockville (Slabtown) bridge.  When my fishing jacket finally wore out, I forgot to remove the patch sowed on to it. I fondly remember that day, catching a tagged trout.  Only time it ever happened.

In the mid l970s, I pulled the car over to fish Black Creek, a tributary of Loyalsock Creek in Sullivan County.

It was September, as I remember. While it was just the first full hour of daylight, I was in the trunk of my Dodge Colt station wagon, when seven mature whitetail buck deer came strolling down the dirt road.  They simply filed past, not at all scared by my presence. I kind of guess that while I was sitting in the trunk area, they sensed no danger. I had heard that whitetail bucks travel in bachelor herds until the rut starts in Autumn. This was certainly visual proof.

It was in the l980s. I was prepared to fish Elk Creek in Sullivan County. I arrived at the stream just as it was breaking into full daylight.  I stopped at this large hole, big enough to be a swimming hole.

I had never fished this hole, preferring the shallower riffle glides where I knew that trout positioned themselves. The sight I saw was simply astounding!  

In that big hole swimming together were two of the largest brown trout I have ever seen.

My guess is that they were at least 24-inches long.  They circled the confines of that swimming hole at least twice; then simply disappeared for the day. 

Large trout almost always feed at night, unless the stream gets discolored by rainfall. I never cast toward those fish. It was simply a delight to see them! 

Get out and enjoy daily, the sights, smells and sounds in nature that Almighty God gives each of us to enjoy.