For the outdoor-oriented person, outdoor sights and sounds are always precious.  It takes very little effort to observe the sky, fields, woods, lakes and streams.  

There is always something to see if you move slowly.  Below are just a  few observations to share with you.

One day in April about five years ago, I observed a flock of Snow Geese flying northward on Route 14 in Alba. The flock was only maybe 75 feet from the ground. I watched in almost wonder as over 50 birds flew north, only maybe 100 yards from me. That was the only time for me to observe this marvelous sighting.

One morning in summer, Linda Marie and I were sitting on the glider on our screened-in back porch. 

An animal went across our yard toward the swamp.  Linda asked “what was that animal?”  Since I had observed them on prior occasions, I told her it was a River Otter.  

Years ago, maybe 30 or more, I observed five River Otters playing in a small lake in the swamp from Alba to Colley.

I had taken my Labrador Retriever out for a run and swim. To see five River Otters together was so special. My dog was certainly impressed. If and when you see this creature, you will be delighted at its antics. River Otters were reintroduced in select Pennsylvania watersheds in the early l980s.  Some in our general area include the North Branch of the Susquehanna River, Pine Creek Watershed and others. They are fish eaters.  

In winter, they love to slide down snow banks.  They are an animal that finds comfort in the company of others of their kind most times.

One January I was hunting the Pennsylvania State Bird, the Ruffed Grouse.  We had snow the day prior, which makes for some interesting tracking and flushing opportunities.  As I eased into the 10 acres of brush and woods, I saw grouse tracks going into a hollowed log and brush combination.  While I pondered what to do next, eight grouse flushed from that opening.

I did not mount my shotgun as the sight of those birds flushing was enough.  It was a joy to see something, which to date has been a “once in a lifetime” experience.

Get out and enjoy all things in nature that Almighty God has given to us. We certainly do.