I am very glad to live in Pennsylvania; especially in the small borough of Alba, population circa 170.  

We have four distinct seasons in our area, although as we age, winter is not among the top choices for many of us.  Many of our Medicare insurance clients become “snow birds” in winter and who could blame them?

The seasons of spring, summer and autumn are just great living in this area. I will admit that the hot days of summer make many of us “house mice” during the blistering hot days of summer, especially in the afternoon. Swimming alters that of course, as does spending time shopping because all stores have air conditioning.

Summer is the very best time of year to enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of summer. I usually spend some time on our front porch about 8:30 p.m. on most evenings, just watching the antics of our hummingbirds. I hear the flutelike sounds of the wood thrush. It is one of the most melodious bird sounds in all of nature. The cardinal is also a great singer. Both the male and female can hit 23 different notes, a rarity in the bird-singing world.

Then there are the evening skies to ponder and enjoy. Add lightning bugs and the return of bats to our area. 

Late roosting birds include the robin and dove.  We sometimes hear robins chirping up to 9:30 p.m. in summertime.

Then there are the sights of the wildflowers and smells of them too. Add more seasonal birds and young black bears on their own for the first time, and you have a real treat in nature; but you must go slow enough to observe and appreciate. That is particularly difficult for many human beings to do in this so-called fast-paced world.  It is not a problem for me at all.  

I learned many years ago while starting my hunting career on rabbits and pheasants, that without a good dog, moving slowly and stopping often is the key to getting a shot at dinner. It is even more important while hunting woodchucks. Several times when my brother Tim and I were hunting, he would say something like, “let’s go, there is nothing here.” At that moment a woodchuck, unseen previously, would appear. We laugh about those days.  Same is true in fishing.

Get out and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of summer that God has given all of us to enjoy.