On Saturday, March 30 we had three signs of spring.  

First, since the temperature at 3 p.m. hit 65 degrees, we got out our bicycles from the long winter storage in one of our outbuildings. 

The short ride around Alba was our first ride since Linda broke her wrist sliding on a railroad bridge on the Pine Creek Rail-Trail on Sept. 7.

Incidentally, all the bridges on the rail-trail have been power washed and “slippery when wet” signs are installed at each entry to the four or maybe five bridges.

The second observation was seeing the first honey bee of the spring season as it crept along our front porch; occasionally taking a short flight.  

We enjoy seeing honey bees since they pollinate almost all trees, fruit and vegetables. 

We have had a honey bee colony in a hollow cavity in a maple tree on our boundary line with a neighbor.  

Twice we have observed a queen lead a swarm away from the home hive to start a new colony. The sight is fascinating.

Saturday, April 13 is the first day of trout season in the northern part of Pennsylvania. While it is sometimes cold, most years it is not. When you see trout anglers, it is a sure sign of spring.

Another sign of spring is that on Tuesday, April 2, we took our lawnmower to Hoover Hardware in Troy for its annual servicing.  We will mow sometime this month; might as well have the mower blade sharpened, spark plug checked and other servicing done.

Pan fishing will start for me in early May.  

I am ready now since we ate our last meal of bluegill and crappie fillets on Sunday. 

I also enjoy giving away some fish fillets to some local farmers who love to eat fish, but have little time to actually do any fishing.  It certainly helps with landowner relations of course.

Get outdoors daily and enjoy all the wonderful sights, sounds and smells that God has given to us to enjoy.