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This year marks the
46th anniversary
of the Nucor
Everyone at Nucor
especially those
of us at Vulcraft in
Chemung, believes
in the importance
of education.
We act on that
belief through
our scholarship
Lauren Crooker
Campbell Savona High School

Scott Woodring, Jr.
Waverly High School

Every child of each
Nucor teammate
that pursues an
education beyond
high school is
eligible for a Nucor
Scholarship of
$3,500 per year for
4 years, totaling

Ian Wilbur
Northeast Bradford High School

Deric Williams
Twin Tiers Christian Academy

From 1974 through
2020, over $1.3
million has been
granted in Nucor
scholarships to
23,000 students
attending over
2,000 different
colleges across the
This year Nucor
will award 820
new scholarships
overall, with 9
to teammates’
children in our

Noah Carpenter
Waverly High School

We congratulate
these students
on graduating to
the next step in
their educational
Cayla Carnrike
Waverly High School

Pictures unavailable:
Michael Dague, Wheeling High School
Christopher Atkinson, Spring-Ford Senior High School

Paige Ackley
Waverly High School