Details for 82016304


1. The newspaper does not endorse candidates for local, state or
national office.
2. As a general rule, the newspaper does not cover fund-raising
dinners or promotional gatherings limited to particular candidates or
political parties.
3. When a person announces his or her candidacy, the newspaper will
run a news story. Such announcements must be received no later than
one (1) month after the filing date for a particular office.
4. The newspaper will publish news stories about write-in campaigns.
Since decisions to run write-in campaigns sometimes are made
shortly before an election, there is no deadline set on receiving such
5. Election-related news coverage beyond or in exception to the
above will be at the sole discretion of the newspapers publisher and
editor in the name of reader interest and information.
1. Election-related letters must address pertinent or timely issues of
interest to our readers at-large.
2. The newspaper does not publish partisan letters that promote or
endorse local political candidates based on their record, reputation
and qualifications. This constitutes paid political advertising.
3. Candidates themselves may not use the letters to the editor column
to outline their views and platforms or to ask for votes. This constitutes
paid political advertising.
4. The newspaper is particularly sensitive to organized letter-writing
campaigns that we believe to be part of a contrived attempt by a
political camp to use the editorial page for campaigning purposes, or to
otherwise attempt to manipulate our policies for a political advantage.
As with all letters and advertising content, the newspaper, at the sole
discretion of management, reserves the right to reject any such letter.
5. The newspaper strongly encourages writers to limit electionrelated letters to 300 words.
6. To help insure fairness, all letters to the editor of a political nature
must be received at the newspaper office at least 10 days before the
election. (Two Saturdays prior to Election Day.)
7. The exception to the 10-day rule is a response to a previous letter
of an attacking or derogatory nature. In the name of fairness, the
newspaper will accept such a response after the deadline, provided
it is written and delivered promptly (See No. 8). Such responses may
rebut charges, innuendos or misstatements of fact from the initial letter
but may not present new charges or level inflammatory counterattacks
on the opposing political camp.
8. Under no circumstances will any election-related letter be
published after the Friday immediately prior to Election Day.