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of Independent Baptist Church invites MEN
of ALL ages to our Fall Series
Saturday mornings @ 7:45am
Straight answers to honest questions
about God, the Bible, and Christianity
Sept. 21st - “Rethinking Apologetics for the 21st Century” Oct. 12th - “Why I Believe in Life after Death”
Sept. 28th - “Why I Believe in the Resurrection”
Oct. 19th - “Why I Believe in Creation”
Oct. 5th - “Why I Believe in the Bible”
Oct.26th - “Why I Believe in the God of the Bible”

Do You Know Why You
Believe What You Believe?
Scripture calls Christians to “be
prepared” to give answers to anyone
who asks about the faith.
Are you prepared?
Or do you feel ill-equipped?
The facts of the resurrection, the
reliability of the Bible, and the
evidence for creation – all have solid
proofs that you, your children, your
grandchildren, and your friends can
understand and share with anyone
seeking hope.
Equipping you and giving you
confidence is why pastor and Bible
teacher Chip Ingram created this
WHY I BELIEVE video teaching series.

Are you tired of trying & failing, trying & failing over & over again?
If so, come and join us at IBC Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Group.
A place where you can get to know other men who have struggled
with or are struggling with the same issues you are! You will find a
group of men willing to accept you just as your are!
Saturday mornings at

Independent Baptist Church
Coffee & Donuts: 7:45
Video & Discussion: 8:00 - 9:30

109 Cherry Street, just off York Avenue
Towanda, PA 18848 (next to PennDot Building)
570-265-6213 •
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