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Aug. 19
Vol. 3

An insurance
of its own

Look for it in

Read the story, Page 7

50 years of lumber
excellence, Page 9

the 3rd Monday of every month.
And newsstands throughout
Bradford County.

School shopping?
See how much people
spend, Page 10

It’s story time at
God’s Promises,
Page 3

Keeping your finances
fresh throughout the
year, Page 12

T DEP’s oil and gas annual
report details increased
permitting and inspection
efficiency, Page 4
TNew school meeting regional
CDL drivers’ needs, Page 5

Local businesses are the cornerstone of any small
community, especially here in Bradford County
It’s the mission of BC BiZ to highlight these establishments, whether it is profiling
the person behind your favorite locale or looking at the challenges facing our
small town retailers. Through creative storytelling, reports on statistics and
trends, and spot news of the newest additions to the business community, we
hope to shine a spotlight on this passionate group whose storefronts add charm
and character to our downtowns, and who provide goods with that unique, local
flair you can only find here in Bradford County.

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