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Riding and fundraising; Rockin’ N Stables holds sixth annual Barrels and Bikinis

ATHENS – While Barrels and Bikinis originally started as a breast cancer fundraiser six years ago, this year’s funds went to a different cancer battle.

For the fundraiser’s sixth year, it was centered around two local children who are currently fighting against cancer, according to Rockin’ N Stables owner Nancy Nicholas. Nicholas stated that they chose Ariah Cook and Seeley Carlin from Athens.

Another local named Debby Smith was added to the fundraiser at the last minute due to finding out she had breast cancer this week, according to Nicholas.

“We just thought cancer comes in all colors, not just grey and orange,” said Nicholas. “Now we have a pink box too.”

Nicholas stated previously that the choice came in part because they have been working a lot with children at the stables.

“Our barn has just been centered a lot in the last few years around family and children,” explained Nicholas. “When we were told that these two kids needed help, we chose them.”

Despite the work that goes into the event, Nicholas said she was very glad to be able to put it on.

“It is the most rewarding thiing you can do,” she stated. “It is awesome to see everyone come out and so many donations. It is indescribable how rewarding this is.”

The community has rallied around the event in past years and this year was no different, according to Nicholas.

“Rain and all we are going great. We have a ton of trailers out there and I am looking for a lot of people to come.”

Nicholas thanked a local named Charity Field for the effort she puts in towards the food for the event each year.

“She was one of the recipients here the year she found out she had breast cancer,” stated Nicholas. “She still does all of our food, as far as getting the donations. Our friends have stepped up and made Manwich and pork butt. I just really can’t thank people enough for last minute picking up food for me or running for ice. Just the craziest little things that make this thing go.”

Rockin’ N Stables and Ranch is located at 3323 Wolcott Hollow Road in Athens Township.

For more information, visit Rockin’ N Stables and Ranch on Facebook.

Towanda on a (pumpkin) roll

TOWANDA — Fall rolled into Towanda at high speed on Saturday as the town’s inaugural Rolling on the Pumpkins took place on Maple Street.

Hosted by the Towanda Borough Recreation Committee, the event brought a crowd of observers to the hay bale lined street to cheer as 100 pumpkin rollers raced their small vegetables down the mountain.

Participants were charged $5 for admission or $10 for families of two to five and were supplied with pumpkins, which were purchased and donated from a local producer, as well as apple cider.

The Rolling of the Pumpkins was brought to Towanda by recreation committee member Alisha Reider, who said she was given the idea after seeing towns in the western United States that have been holding the event for decades.

Reider stated that the committee hopes the Towanda community becomes more tightly knit through events like the Rolling of the Pumpkins.

“I think for a small town, you want to get more closeness,” she said. “You want to get the community together and I just sometimes don’t think a lot of small towns have enough of that so as the rec. committee we’re really trying to push to really bring our community together.”

Reider noted that all proceeds from Rolling of the Pumpkins stays with the recreation committee and is invested back into the community.

The recreation committee is currently raising funds to replace some of the playground equipment at Third Ward Park after an almost $16,000 donation permitted them to install an entirely new basketball court at the park earlier this year.

Generations swing into celebration at second barn harvest dance

TROY — From the young to the young at heart, locals celebrated fall in full swing Saturday at the second annual Barn Harvest Dance in Troy.

The Troy Sale Barn was filled with music, laughter and friendly banter as the Barn Harvest Dance brought autumn fun to the community free of charge including square dancing, apple cider pressing, a corn box for children, tasty treats and craft tables with supplies for children to create their own fall crafts.

Any donations given at the barn dance were to be used towards the continued renovation of the sale barn’s arena facility.

Organizer Nicole Harris stated that even during a “busy day” filled with many events across the county, a large number of people of multiple generations attended the harvest dance.

“Part of the Troy Sale Barn Operating Corporation’s mission is to offer fun, free, family friendly activities and if you look at the mix of ages here, from the very young to the elderly, everybody is having a good time,” she said. “People are talking, chatting, neighbors, celebrating the fall season.”