While the sales of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and paper towels have made national news, there is another set of items that has seen a lot of purchases in a small amount of time — guns and ammo.

Some stores have outright stopped the sale of ammo, while others like Fulmer’s in Wysox have decided to only place restrictions on the amount of ammo that someone can buy at once. Dan Fulmer believes that coronavirus has gotten most of the world on edge and links the uptick in sales to the panicking of the average citizen.

While he has noticed an increase in sales on firearms that are geared for protection, he has also seen an increase in the sales of hunting equipment too.

“At the moment, I would say sales are about four to five times as high as they normally would be during this time.” Fulmer remarked. “I would say that out of all the firearms we are currently selling, about a third of them are for personal protection.”

While answering questions for the Daily Review, Fulmer was also waiting on hold for the phone call portion of a background check.

“Normally this part of a background check is a two to five minute phone call. This one has been just about 50 minutes so far,” he stated.

The process of buying guns and ammo still operates just as smoothly as before the impact of the virus.

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