WEST BURLINGTON — It’s a structure that has withstood the test of time for more than two centuries and is now helping make some timeless memories.

Pamela McKenney, co-owner of the Maple Ridge at Red Maple Ranch in West Burlington Township, showed off the old barn-turned-wedding-venue to The Review as she and her husband Brian and daughter Sophia hosted their Fall Festival outside in early October.

“It’s amazing that the structure, from being that old, is still magnificent,” McKenney said while making her way through the barn, which dates back to 1790.

“When the sun sets and the sun rays start coming through the boards and beams, it’s just so phenomenal,” she added.

The family has lived at the 211 Hanks Road property since 2017.

For McKenney, the draw to the expansive rural property set amidst a backdrop of rolling hills came from growing up in the commonwealth.

“I just think Pennsylvania runs through my blood. I love Pennsylvania,” she said. “To me there is no other better place to be. I just think it’s magnificent.”

However, turning the property’s historic 7,000 square foot dairy barn into a wedding venue wasn’t in the cards initially.

“We did a barn sale our first year and had so many people come into the barn and say, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so amazing. You need to do weddings here,’” McKenney remembered. “And so I guess that’s where it all began.”

“We had 55 round bales in here and a full-sized tractor before we started,” she explained. “We had a structural engineer come from around Binghamton and he checked out the entire barn, every single beam.”

Once given the go-ahead to move forward, she said hours and hours of work and late nights followed.

An indoor silo, which she says is “quite unusual,” and stanchions in the lower level call back to the barn’s days with dairy cows and serving what once was a 400-acre farm. Chandeliers, a bar, and restrooms are signs of its new life in recent years.

The structure dates back to 1790, McKeeney said. And, following a conversation with a wedding guest who used to milk cows there in his youth, it is believed to be the oldest barn raised in the area.

“I don’t think pictures really do it justice,”McKenney said. “I think when you get in here, it’s so amazing. We just feel really blessed every day that we get to enjoy it.”

The venue is booking about two years out currently.

For more information, visit www.mapleridgeatredmapleranch.com.

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