Project Sticker Shock

Pictured is a Project Sticker Shock sticker being placed on alcoholic beverages reminding buyers of the 21-year-old age restriction and the penalties of providing minors with alcohol. The event was hosted at the Waverly Dandy Mini Mart in partnership with C.A.S.A. Trinity of Tioga County.

C.A.S.A. Trinity of Tioga County and Dandy worked together to host a Project Sticker Shock event aimed at spreading awareness for underage drinking.

Waverly High School students went to the Waverly Dandy and placed stickers on alcoholic beverages on May 17 to remind the buyer of the 21-year-old age restriction on alcohol and the penalties of providing minors with alcohol.

“Partnering with CASA-Trinity of Tioga County on Project Sticker Shock is exactly the kind of programming that Dandy strives to support,” said Dandy’s Marketing Director Bill Bustin. “When it comes to alcohol sales, preventing underage purchasing and use is our top priority. If we can help keep kids safe and adults aware and responsible, it’s a win-win for the community.”

Project Sticker Shock is a county-wide awareness campaign that combines the efforts of the community, local volunteers and local retailers. According to the Dandy, the goal of the program is to keep teens safe, keep adults accountable, and raise awareness of the issue during prom and graduation season.

According to the Dandy press release, C.A.S.A. Trinity of Tioga County has already placed more than 500 Project Sticker Shock stickers at three locations in Tioga County with help from students from Owego Free Academy and Candor High School.

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