Guthrie celebrates Foundations Early Learning Center opening

Guthrie celebrated the grand opening of Foundations Early Learning Center Friday, a $4.5 million 15,000 square foot facility with a 12,000 square foot outdoor playground and 1,800 square foot indoor play space located at 1000 N. Elmer Ave. in Sayre. It features 10 classrooms with advanced technology, life skills programs, and a secure perimeter and building access, officials pointed out. Friday’s grand opening was celebrated alongside U-GRO Learning Centres and Discover the World Children’s Center. “We are excited to welcome our new Foundations families into the center and start working to have a positive impact on the lives of the children enrolled in our program,” said Lisa Scheftic, executive director and operator of Foundations. Guthrie President and CEO Dr. Joseph Scopelliti (pictured) added, “As a major employer in the region, we know first-hand that one of the major challenges of balancing work and family is finding quality programs for children. By partnering with local and regional experts, this new center provides not only an exceptional early childhood experience, but a foundation for success.”