Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital celebrates energy efficiencies

Jody Place, FirstEnergy Service Company, presents an incentive check to Joseph Sawyer, president of the Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital, left; Rennie Woodhouse, director of Facility Operations, center, and Michael Hogan, VP of Support Services.

SAYRE BOROUGH – Penelec, a subsidiary of First Energy Corp. (NYSE: FE), presented Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital officials with an incentive check for nearly $500,000 toward energy-efficient upgrades made at its facilities.

“A hospital campus uses a great deal of energy, so as good corporate citizens, we are pleased to have an opportunity to reduce our energy consumption and carbon emissions in the community,” said Joseph Sawyer, president of Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital.

Through the Energy Solutions for Business program, the hospital completed 11 projects, saving 17,000 Mwh of energy, which is enough energy to power more than 19,000 average U.S. homes for a year.

The project included seven lighting upgrades, three custom equipment upgrades, and one CHP (Combined Heat and Power) project. “Our CHP or cogeneration power plant merges the production of usable heat and electricity into a single process that substantially reduces our greenhouse gasses on the Guthrie Sayre Campus,” explained Michael Hogan, VP, Support Services. “This project helps Guthrie save money, but it also reduces our grid usage of electricity, helping our community and providing power for the hospital in case of an outage.”

The Energy Solutions for Business Program offers commercial and industrial customers of Penelec rebates for qualified energy upgrades, including energy-efficient lighting, which not only helps save energy but also provides longer lasting, brighter and significantly less maintenance than the traditional lighting.