John J. Griffin honored in Tuscarora Wayne boardroom dedication

Pictured is the Rev. Peter Tran of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish and Tuscarora Wayne Board of Directors member Robert J. Griffin, the son of former board director John J. Griffin.

On Feb. 28, the boardroom in the Tuscarora Wayne Insurance Company corporate office building, located in Wyalusing, was dedicated as the John J. Griffin Boardroom to acknowledge the strong leadership, vision, and contributions of the former chairman of the board, John J. Griffin.

Griffin served on the board of directors for 46 years and served as board chairman for 32 years. He was appointed to the board of Tuscarora Wayne Mutual Insurance Company in 1969 and was elected president in 1981. In 1982 the board of directors created the position of chairman and Griffin was elected to fill that position. In February of 2015, he resigned as board chair and was appointed chairman emeritus. Griffin passed away in July 2015.

Officials said the board of directors is proud to name its boardroom in honor of Griffin, where his legacy will remind directors and officers of the company’s rich history and provide wisdom and inspiration both now and in years to come.

Following the board of director’s reflection on Griffin’s tenure with the company, Father Peter Tran blessed the boardroom, asking for guidance and support that the directors and officers may come to the right decisions and carry them out fairly.

Robert J. Griffin, Tuscarora Wayne director and son of the former chairman, expressed appreciation for the honorary ceremony.

“My father was proud to be a part of the Tuscarora Wayne team and to help build the organization from a rural insurance company to a regional carrier,” he said.

Upon John’s retirement from Griffin and Dawsey, PC., he spent much time providing counsel for the merger and acquisition activities of Tuscarora Wayne.

Tuscarora Wayne Insurance Company is an insurance subsidiary of the Tuscarora Wayne Mutual Group, Inc. Additional subsidiaries of the Group include Susquehanna Capital Corp., Keystone National Insurance Company, Lebanon Valley Insurance Company, Capitol Insurance Company, and Glacier Capital Holdings, LLC.

The Tuscarora Wayne Mutual Group, Inc. Board of Directors includes Scott T. Burgess, Jay W. Chadwick, Robert J. Griffin, R. Joseph Landy, Steven W. Moore, Andrew S. Ripic, III, Anthony J. Ventello, and Randy B. Williams. Michael R. Klinefelter is a director emeritus.