Lowery Funeral Home changing hands

Sharon and Rick Lowery are pictured with Paul and Stephanie Urban, who will be taking over the long-time family owned business.

An Athens Borough-based funeral home that has continued through multiple generations is changing hands.

After 73 years of service under the Lowery family, the Jay E. Lowery Funeral Home and Cremation Services will become Lowery-Urban Funeral Home and Cremation Services, according to an announcement made Friday.

“After 73 years of a Lowery running the home, Jay, Wayne, and then Rick, we have come to a turning point of not having another generation in the area to continue the legacy,” co-owner Sharon Lowery explained.

With the Lowerys’ children and grandchildren currently located in Louisiana, Florida, and Texas, the Lowerys chose Paul and Stephanie Urban, with 21 years of experience, to take over the business.

“We feel very confident that the Urbans will continue our family owned legacy with the same ethics and quality of service to our community,” Sharon said, noting that they have three daughters who have been helping out.

She added, “We are still currently dotting our I’s and crossing our T’s to complete the transaction. However, the Urbans have settled in and are currently residing at the funeral home and managing the day to day operations at Lowery Services.”

The Lowerys said Paul, who has been licensed for the past 17 years, was previously employed in Pittsburg where he played a vital role, was a past president and has been active in the PA Funeral Director’s Association, and is well rounded in all aspects of funeral service.

“We have no intentions of making any changes to the staff or the quality of services, other than our own personal touch,” Paul said. “In our last few months of working side by side at Lowerys we feel we have an amazing team and we all work great together. We also know and trust that, as in the last few months, Rick and Sharon will continue to be there to encourage and support us anytime we need it or have questions.”

The Lowerys said pre-arrangements will be retained, and anyone with questions can contact the funeral home.

They thanked the community for the love and support over the years with all of their endeavors.