After 18 years of producing fresh lettuce for locals, the Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority Board has announced that it will cease to operate its Northern Tier Greens program.

NTSWA has “(utilized) landfill gas to operate a reciprocating engine to turn a generator to produce electricity since 2001,” according to its website and has used the “destruction of landfill gases” for “the real time sale of electricity, waste heat recovery, the production of edible crops through controlled environmental agriculture and the future off setting of carbon credits.”

In a letter to Northern Tier Greens customers dated Nov. 25, NTSWA stated it will continue to produce vegetables for both individuals and businesses as it is able through December but has an “anticipated end date” of Dec. 31.

“The Authority can no longer continue to operate the greenhouse at a loss,” the letter signed by NTSWA Executive Director Scot Sample stated. “While it was not an easy decision, closure of the facility is the only one that makes sense from a financial standpoint. We appreciate the dedication that you have had to our products and know that we have only continued in business as long as we have because of you and your support.”

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