Eileen L. Dalton (FKA), Eileen L. Snyder to Eileen L. Dalton for property in West Burlington Twp. for $1.

William P. Leffler III to William P. Leffler III and Ashley L. Leffler for property in Troy Borough for $1.

Matthew A. Smith to Zebulon E. Dunn and Kayla P. Saxon for property in Towanda Borough 3rd Ward for $116,600.

Matthew C. Westerfield to Eric A. Bellitto and Annalis I. Bellitto for property in Ulster Twp. for $80,000.

Dennis L. Gery, Cindy L. Gery, Dennis L. Gery (POA) to David W. Novak for property in Athens Twp. for $311,000.

Myra Cook and David Cook (POA) to Barbara J. Napp and Ryan Napp for 2 properties in Monroe Borough for $95,000.

Charles M. Dunham and Nany M. Dunham to John M. Dunham and Lisa M. Dunham for property in Smithfield Twp. for $1.

Crystal A. Parks to Michael D. Parks for property in Smithfield Twp. for $1.

Barbara A. Potter to Daniel R. Potter for property in Ridgebury Twp. for $1.

Elizabeth Fell Dewalt and Robert M. Fell Dewalt to Rachel M. Hurley for property in Athens Twp. for $175,100.

Leroy J. Mast and Irene C. Mast to Lynda D. Fauteux for property in Warren Twp. for $225,000.

Blair M. Bennett and Karissa N. Bennett to Fay Gosper and Pamela Sproule for property in South Creek Twp. for $206,000.

Joseph S. Tracy to Ryan Hewitt and Bryanna Hewitt for property in Sayre Borough 4th Ward for $185,000.

Susan Rae Olbrys, Timothy F. Olbrys, Susan R. Lane Haggerty (FKA) to Edward Ellis and Delores Ellis for property in Smithfield Twp. for $114,893.

Stephanie Manchester, Penny Nagy, Kirk McCarty to Ashley L. Watson for property in Monroe Borough for $100,000.

Cindy Burigana to Ashley L. Burigana for property in Wells Twp. for $1.

Warren T. Dorman to Jeffrey W. Dorman and Britney Jane Dorman for property in Herrick twp. for $150,000.

Leora W. Wilcox Estate, Gloria L. Colton Co-executrix and Lavonna R. Jenkins Co-executrix to Jessie M. Williams and Samantha M. Williams for 3 properties in Canton Twp. for $143,300.

Sheila M. McDonald and Christopher J. McDonald to Shelia M. McDonald for property in Asylum Twp. for $1.

Kevin Smith Trustee, Smith Family Trust, Kevin Scott Smith Trustee, Kevin Scott Smith Restate and Amended Revocable Living Trust, Kevin Scott Smith Revocable Living Trust to Kevin J. Hallock and Sarah J. Hallock for property in Wilmot Twp. for $90,000.

Thomas D. Prutsman and Sherine S. Prutsman to Thomas D. Prutsman and Sherine S. Prutsman for property in Troy Borough for $1.

Lyle A. Haflett, Carla L. Haflett, Haflett Family LLC to Jesse M. Chesla and Taylore N. Chesla for 2 properties in Granville Twp. for $512,000.

Bradford County Tax Claim Bureau, Edward M. Hojnowski to William Kithcart, William N. Kithcart (AKA) for property in Rome Twp. for $3,729.02.