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Like the Bon Ton and Macy’s before it Sears at the Arnot Mall in Horseheads is going out of business. Signs declaring “Everything must go” are impossible to miss inside the store and employees are telling customers that they expect the store to close for good sometime in April. No reason was given for the closure despite the fact that according to store Manager John Carpenter sales were good. 

“This is going to hurt the mall,” Carpenter said. 

Beyond that Carpenter volunteered nothing about the closure and referred all questions to Sears national media relations who could not be reached for comment. 

Inside the store sections once filled with tools, appliances, clothes, mattresses and work-out equipment were already becoming increasingly barren as customers hungry for deals pick through a rapidly diminishing selection of discounted items. 

Adrian Genniro of Horseheads was one of the customers hunting for deals and said he was pleased with the two pairs of discounted jeans he purchased as he and his family shopped for a pending trip to Las Vegas. 

“This works for me. Sears closing is not a big deal to me because I never did a lot of shopping here unless there was a big sale or something. Also other stores around here can pick up the slack,” Genniro said. 

Sears, once one of the most profitable American businesses in the world, is currently undergoing major restructuring following a 2018 bankruptcy deceleration that led to the company being purchased for $5.2 billion by former CEO Eddie Lampert. Dozens of Sears locations across the country have already been earmarked for closure, however the location at Arnot was never included in any of those lists. One employee said that the closure was unexpected and that they were not informed as to the reason behind it. 

Beth Fultz of Dundee, NY said the pending closure made her sad as she shopped for pillows, and bemoaned that a once proud business such as Sears had been reduced to such a state. 

“We bought tools here and it is nice to be able to come and touch things and see how they feel. That is something you can’t do when you shop online, and it’s not the same,” Fultz said. 

Currently there is no word as to whether Arnot has a tenet lined up to replace Sears or how many employees will be out of work as a result of the closure.