Riverfest has been cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

TOWANDA BOROUGH— Citing concerns with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Towanda Borough and the Towanda Riverfest Committee announced on Monday that the annual Riverfest celebration would be suspended for 2020.

The borough said in the announcement that Nonweiler Amusements, the supplier of the carnival games and rides for the annual celebration, would not be able to fulfill their obligation due to the strain that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on the community.

Additionally, Riverfest relies heavily on community businesses to put the event on each year. The borough said that it would be unfair to ask for the same support while they are experiencing hardships during the crisis.

“Due to the unfortunate financial situation most people and businesses are currently experiencing, we simply cannot add any emotional or financial stress on them. the expense to hold the event is much more than we can provide without the help from those donations. Vendor participation is completely voluntary and we cannot guarantee any vendor would want to participate under these circumstances. There are just too many unknown variables that could cause more harm than good to the annual event,” the announcement said.

“We encourage everyone in Towanda and its surrounding areas to support all of our local businesses to help them return to full form and/or thrive through this time.”

All vendors that have already registered for the 2020 Riverfest will be reimbursed fully. The borough plans to hold the celebration again in 2021.

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