The air has gotten crisp, the leaves have fallen and evening seems to come sooner each day; with the obviously crest of fall comes Thanksgiving, but not all locals are in a financial position to truly enjoy the festivities.

For the seventh year in a row Family Haven Church is looking to change that.

Family Haven Church will once again host a free Thanksgiving dinner and Sunday service beginning at 10:30 a.m. at Hillcrest Apartments in Troy on Nov. 24.

Any and all disabled individuals and senior citizens are invited for a hot Thanksgiving feast and a heaping helping of encouragement, according to Family Haven Church Pastor Dave Storrs.

Storrs explained that while the meal will certainly fill stomachs it is also meant to warm the spirits of community members this holiday season and is a way for his congregation to practically share their faith.

“It means the world just to know that someone cares. We live in a world that’s filled with darkness, hate and violence. When they see you care it casts the light upon the darkness and it gives them hope of a better tomorrow,” Storrs stated. “And is that not what Thanksgiving and Christmas are all about? Hope, faith and love, and the greatest of these is love. Be that love to your community this year.”

“Being a Christian is not warming a pew on Sunday mornings, receiving all we can for ourselves, but it is much much more. It is important for us as Christians to take Christ out of the church into the community,” he continued. “How can we tell them that Christ is the answer if we do not show them by our actions. God is love and His love you hold in your heart, you give Him and His love to them when you give them your heart. Serving as a Christian is God’s highest calling for us, serving your community is an expression of God’s love for them and for Him.”

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