Athens students had a ‘wonderful’ start to the school year on Thursday, according to Athens Superintendent Craig Stage.

“It was a really good start,” he stated. “A lot of smiling faces all across the board.”

With kids back in the hallways and the school year beginning to take off, Stage and the Athens Area School District staff were charged with excitement.

“I always say, ‘This is our Super Bowl.’ This is what we always live for and this is what we get to do every year,” explained Stage. “It is a highlight. It was really special to see all the kids smiling and happy — ready to start their new journey.”

This school year brought with it a very positive atmosphere, according to Stage.

“It was very upbeat, it was very calm and pleasant. I have started school six times as a superintendent and this one was by far the best — the best start.”

Stage considered this year’s start to be the best one he has ever done as an Athens superintendent because of the general positivity amongst everyone in the building.

“There was a very positive attitude among everybody. We had almost no issues in transportation, so you know — things were generally going really, really well. I think the teachers were well prepared — our teachers are amazing. They do some of the most wonderful work in the world and they had prepared some really awesome stuff for our students this year. It was very, very upbeat.”

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