LEROY TOWNSHIP — Leroy Township enjoyed a nice and sunny Saturday for LeRoy’s second annual Barclay Mountain Heritage Day at the LeRoy Heritage Museum.

The celebration had a little bit of everything with a petting zoo, music, museum tours, history lessons, exhibits and more for folks to tour and explore.

LeRoy Heritage Museum President and Curator Matt Carl stated that Barclay Heritage Day was created to celebrate the rich history of Barclay Mountain and its industries.

“Coal mining, lumbering forestry — I mean you name it,” said Carl. “It is nice to be able to promote the history, we have done it many other ways with the museum and walking tours and other events, but this is one that focuses on the mountain.”

Carl stated that numbers were better this year because the weather was not stormy as it had been last year.

“Last year we did it through the pouring down rain. This year has much better attendance. This is what we hoped would happen last year.”

The area’s history has been of much interest to local families, according to Carl.

“There is an interest in people for the real information and real stories from the mountain,” Carl stated. “This is a good way to do it with an enjoyable atmosphere.”

Carl stated that Barclay Mountain Heritage Day drew in 20 sponsors and a large amount of community support.

“A lot of people think the story is important enough to make this happen so we are certainly grateful to those people,” he explained. “It’s great — we are saving their history and to have people get on board with that really makes you feel good after doing so much work to make that happen.”

All the proceeds from the event were set to go towards a Victorian home in town that will be the new location of the LeRoy Heritage Museum, according to Carl.

“We call it the Old Lewis Hotel. It is built from lumber from off the Mountain and it’s going to be the expanded museum.”

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