Shown are the skewed benches and bricks removed from the walkway in the Bradford County Veterans Memorial Park in Towanda.

TOWANDA BOROUGH — Members of the Bradford County Veterans Memorial Association assessed the damage of the Bradford County Memorial Veterans Park after it was vandalized on Monday.

Robert Wayne Devine, 57, of Towanda, was arrested by Towanda Borough Police Chief Randy Epler after Epler was called by a Towanda Borough employee who witnessed the defacing of the park from the borough’s office adjacent to the park on Monday.

“I can’t understand how somebody would do this to a veterans park,” said Roy Schrimp, operations manager of the BCVMA, on Tuesday.

Schrimp said that the damage included numerous turned over stones and plaques, bricks with the names of Bradford County veterans removed and scattered, and benches moved from their sealed positions.

“There wasn’t anything severely damaged beyond repair,” Schrimp added.

The group said that any bricks pulled up will be placed back as soon as possible and that no family should worry about their loved ones’ bricks being damaged.

“If they were damaged, we’re going to take care of it,” said George Crowell, chief administrator of the BCVMA.

The group will have to move the bricks to their former positions, reseal the benches and the base of some large stones that were jostled, as well as replace some plaques that were damaged. The estimated cost of the repairs is $15,000.

Schrimp said that the park is insured, but they are not sure of how much of the damages will be covered by the insurance.

“Most of the stuff we do here is volunteer, we have a good organization and the borough supports us,” he added. “It’ll be okay, it’s just disheartening that somebody would do this.”

“Thank goodness he didn’t break anything that couldn’t be replaced or that anyone got hurt,” Crowell said.

The organization is grateful for the quick response from Towanda Borough Police and the borough employee who spotted the damage as it was being done.

“If someone were to do this at night, who knows how much damage would’ve been done,” Schrimp remarked.

Devine is currently held at the Bradford County Correctional Facility on $5,000 bail.

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