On Friday morning, two large trucks drove up to the Bradford County Humane Society piled high with donations of dog and cat food, cleaning supplies, toys, and other items. The donations were made in honor of Grace Detrick, by her family, who wish to make an annual remembrance of her love for animals with a fundraiser for shelter animals. They call the fundraiser Giving for Grace. The family members stacked up the enormous pile of donations, which they said was only half of their donations for Giving for Grace. They had the same amount to take to Animal Care Sanctuary. Later, Joe and Susan Wheeler arrived with more donations of new leashes and bowls. Pictured, from left, are Jeff Detrick, Sara Hollett, Ali Hollett, Madison Blanchard, Megan Detrick, Lillea Rawlings, Joe Hollett, Mason Hartmann, Kristi Hollett and Lois VanDeWeert.