The following births have been announced by the Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre: 


A baby boy, Levi Lyndon, born April 9, 2021 to Emily and Shawn Allis of East Smithfield


A baby boy, Rhys Arlen, born April 10, 2021 to Mariah Harkness and Derek Miller of East Smithfield


A baby boy, Thorin Silas, born April 11, 2021 to Kayla Saxon and Zebulin Dunn of Towanda


A baby boy, Jay Robert, born April 11, 2021 to Kori Umbrenhauer and Lucas Wright of Athens


A baby girl, Gloria Hazel, born April 13, 2021 to Amber and Andrew Clark of Granville Summit


A baby girl, Lilly Ann Dawn, born April 14 2021 to Rebecca and Richard Liddick of Uniontown


A baby boy, Liam Raymond, born April 14, 2021 to Hailey Kinney and Skylar Vater of Wyalusing


A baby boy, Greycin Maverick, born April 17, 2021 to Kacey Hadlock and Jarrett Sheets of Towanda


A baby boy, Liam Steven, born April 19, 2021 to Ariel and Zeth Henneman of Owego, NY


A baby boy, Warren Keith Jr., born April 20, 2021 to Corin Reynolds and Warren Feaster of Painted Post, NY


A baby boy, Theodore Evan, born April 22, 2021 to Hollie Ginalski and Nicholas Scott of Kings Ferry, NY