State of the District

Wyalusing Superintendent Dr. Jason Bottiglieri speaks during the State of the District address on Monday evening.

WYALUSING — Just before the start of Wyalusing’s May school board meeting, Wyalusing Superintendent Dr. Jason Bottiglieri delivered his State of the District address to staff, board members, students and the community in the Wyalusing Elementary school cafeteria on Monday evening.

Last year, in his first year as superintendent of Wyalusing Valley School District, Bottiglieri delivered the State of the District address with the sentiment of “We have more work to do.” This year, the message wasn’t “mission accomplished” or “we did the work,” it’s that the process of education is never finished.

“You see, our work will never be done,” Bottiglieri explained in the address. “We will never stop, we must never be complacent. For the only constant in education is change.”

Bottiglieri delivered the 30-minute address with intervals of slideshows of students and their work with staff members narrating the progress they have made and hope to make in the future.

The address highlighted many aspects of the Wyalusing curriculum, extra-curricular groups, and achievements, including the advancements in areas such as coding, robotics, and many other technologies that the school did not have in years past.

“We are not educating the same as 30 years ago, 20 years ago, 10, or even five years ago,” the second-year superintendent said during the address. “Remember ‘more work to do?’ We saw it, and we are responding.”

In step with the school’s initiative to embrace technology, Bottiglieri announced plans to improve internet connection issues in the high school.

“Through the fall of next school year, our plan is to include 75 wireless access points to the high school building ensuring connectivity to 100 percent of instructional areas and to expand that connectivity to our sports fields, parking lots and even playgrounds,” Bottiglieri said in the address.

Bottiglieri also noted that internet connection and speed in the school is paramount, but students do a lot of work at home where internet connection isn’t always a guaranteed in a rural area.

“Please know that I am advocating strongly with our legislators about the importance of high-speed internet to not only support our educational needs but also to support the business and economic growth across our region,” Bottiglieri told parents of students in the district.

In the address, Bottiglieri spoke directly to taxpayers, assuring them that the money collected from them was being spent efficiently.

“Our business office, with support and direction from our governing board, provides sound fiscal responsibility to efficiently utilize taxpayer dollars,” Bottiglieri noted. “Our administrative team reviews and explores grants that support our initiatives as a strategy to lessen the taxpayer burden. Additionally, we consistently review our internal efficiencies and processes. As an example, we are moving to centralized registration process and condensing multiple levels of redundancy into a more streamlined process.”

After briefing the attendees on new protocols for school safety, communication in a crisis, and protection of the school and students, Bottiglieri left the community with a sentiment different than the one last year.

“We all embrace a common mission,” Bottiglieri said of the students, staff and administration. “To provide a safe, respectful, nurturing and stimulating environment that fosters educational partnerships between family, school and community and innovative curriculum that meets the challenges of tomorrow.”

The slideshows from the address and more information are available on Wyalusing’s website,

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