Bradford County Department of Public Safety activates emergency operations center (free to read)

The Bradford County Department of Public Safety has activated its emergency operations center as monitoring of the COVID-19 situation continues.

According to an announcement made late Monday morning, the department has readied its procedures and protocols for if or when Bradford County has its first positive test for the novel coronavirus. Officials noted that Guthrie is ready to immediately respond, while the area’s other health care facilities, police, fire, and EMS are prepared with emergency supplies.

“At present Bradford County is asking residents to continue following the guidelines previously reported of social distancing in the workplace and staying home except for necessary trips to the grocery store, pharmacy, etc … Families should limit the number of members going out to the store. (Not all need to go into the store.) All people should maintain the practice of thorough hand washing and cleaning/disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces,” officials stated. “As the federal and state health officials are stating in daily briefings, the need for face masks for the general public is not necessary. If someone is ill, they should wear a face mask to avoid the spread of disease. There no need for testing individuals that have mild symptoms. However, if someone is running a fever in excess of 100 degrees, exhibits a dry cough, and has shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, they should be tested. To request a test, individuals should call their health care provider. If they do not have a health care provider please call 1-877-PA-HEALTH. Please call before going to a health care facility.”

Officials also warned residents to be cautious of scammers who could be posing as health care providers, insurance, companies, or federal and state emergency management officials in order to take advantage of the current situation.

“They are calling individuals soliciting personal information,” they said. “These are all scam attempts, so please do not share any information.”