Gacy Barna, 21, of New Albany to Shannon Landis, 22, of New Albany

John V. Davis Jr., 49, of Troy to Lori Bruce, 50, of Troy

Cody Richter, 28, of Canton to Grace Wright, 24, of Canton

James P. Lane, 29, of Rome to Megan Crumlish, 31, of Rome

Charles D. Birk, 50, of Wyalusing to Heidi Behrend, 50, of Wyalusing

Trenton Hamblin, 24, of Troy to Courtney Lynn Woodward, 24, of Troy

Dakotah Osterbur, 30, of Wyalusing to Annamarie Casselbury, 22, of Wyalusing

John C. Omara, 35, of Laceyville to Kelly R. Johnson, 49, of Wyalusing

Brock Ayers, 44, of LeRaysville to Kristin N. Rooker, 39, of LeRaysville

Corey Shedden, 26, of Canton to Harley J. Arnold, 26, of Canton

Kirk E. Gowin, 47, of Wyalusing to Tammy J. Fassett, 46, of Laceyville

Dakota J. Bailey, 25, of Towanda to Shania Walker, 21, of Towanda

Michael Selfridge, 38, of Canton to Desiree Snyder, 39, of Canton

Jeremy L. Kulago, 41, of Gillett to Stacy Nagy, 32, of Gillett

Russell S. Schrader, 62, of Canton to Melony L. Canterbury, 48, of Canton

Justin Morey, 28, of Chemung, New York, to Meghan Hotaling, 30, of Columbia Cross Roads