Brandon J. McLinko, 22, of Towanda to Andrea Irvine, 25, of Towanda

Jared Lines, 23, of Towanda to Megan C. McGee, 21, of Towanda

Joseph Cuno, 28, of Ulster to Carly Murphy, 28, of Ulster

Collin Binford, 22, of Troy to Matthea Robbins, 22, of Athens

Martin Rockwell, 29, of Canton to Rachael Stafford, 25, of Columbia Cross Roads

Rusty Cole Howard, 21, of Canton to Carson Spencer, 26, of Canton

J. Robert Overacker, 44, of Columbia Cross Roads to Lori A. Seymour, 45, of Columbia Cross Roads

Richard Hawkins, 44, of Wyalusing to Shelly Swingle, 46, of Wyalusing

Desmond Miller, 27, of Athens to Kashefa Campbell, 32, of Athens

Shane Rockwell, 26, of Troy to Lauren M. Segur, 34, of Troy

Jeffrey David Pennachio, 54, of Troy to Tina M. Lefebvre, 53, of Troy

Bruce Learn, 27, of Milan to Summer Correll, 23, of Milan

Daniel Porter, 32, of New Albany to Brittany Heinze, 32, of New Albany

Joshua Rachiele, 37, of Towanda to Jennifer R. Tripp, 37, of Towanda

Gunnar Vanhoff, 27, of Corning, New York, to Unique Fisher, 22, of Corning, New York